Our Services

How we work

We can meet in person, or communicate over the phone or by email, to get an initial understanding of your requirements. We will then prepare a proposal based on your aims and budget. If you decide you’d like to engage us we’ll issue a deposit invoice, and once that’s settled we will proceed with your project. We promise to adhere to timelines and will keep you informed every step of the way.

If there are additional requirements, or unforeseen amendments, we will let you know of any impact this may have on the timeline or cost. We’re straight talking and scrupulously honest. We will always give you our best advice.

Occasionally, with larger projects, we find a short introductory meeting just isn’t long enough for you to give us a complete brief of your requirements – either of us may have further questions or need details to be clarified. No problem, it’s very important we get this initial fact finding  right, so we would suggest extending this fundamental consultation for as long as is necessary, as many meetings as you need, in order to ensure we have a full understanding of your needs and you are entirely happy with our response. We will charge for this at our standard hourly rate, with absolutely no obligation at all for you to proceed. This will help identify the time and budget necessary to achieve your requirements and allow you to consider and discuss with us any alternative approaches to fulfil your objectives.

Menu of services

  • Website design and development
  • Logo design
  • Social media branding
  • Business cards
  • Leaflets
  • Brochures
  • Banner design
  • Backdrop design

Logo design

Logo design can be a quick or time-consuming process. We have spent weeks working with committees and review processes to design and agree branding for large organisations – and have also provided smaller businesses with their logo within just a few hours.

Like any creative process, logo design simply takes as long as is necessary in order to provide an identity that makes the client 100% happy. It is possible to generalise however and say that the larger the organisation and the more people there are involved in the decision-making process, the longer it will take as every project is unique.

Website design and development

Talk to us about giving your website a whole new lease of life. We’ll freshen up the design (or completely redesign it if you like), and we’ll make sure it’s responsive – so it displays correctly on all devices: desktops, notebooks, tablets and smartphones.

We’ll show you how to use a content management system (CMS) or we can maintain every aspect of the website for you.

The power of mobile

Already out there with your established business? Great! But are you reaching all of your potential audience? Our clients are often surprised to learn that up to 50% of users may visit your website from a mobile device. If you have a website that hasn’t been updated for a while chances are it’s not mobile friendly.

The last thing you need is the perfect customer finding your website only to go away again because they can’t view it properly on their smartphone. Just one converted sales lead from your website enquiry form, by someone using their phone on their daily commute, could pay for this essential upgrade. Invest in Responsive.

Social media

Cloud 5 Creative will set up and brand your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or other social media accounts. A huge proportion of the population use social media, so make sure every post is reinforcing your brand, services, products and ethos. You can engage with your audience directly on social media or drive traffic to your website.

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